Nahut -Nareng Tamba of “Trijesh Laishram (Diamond)”

Ceremony held at Singjamei Chingamakha Liwa Road Ningthoujam Leikai

Nahut -Nareng Tamba

Name- Trijesh Laishram (Diamond)
Father name- Laishram Suresh Kumar
Mother- Ningthoujam Jenet Devi
Add- Yairipok Tulihal Laishram Leikai


From the day you were born, we have been watching you growing up, caring you every moment to give you the best life. It has always been a pleasure to have you in our life, our only and the dearest child Diamond.

When several hardships fell upon us, your playful and the bright face gave us the hope of better moments. Now, you have come a way to be the loveliest one whom we dear so much.

Today is your “Nahut -Nareng Tamba”, the traditional ceremony of our Meitei community in which the child’s hair is shaved and offer a Puja to fire. This day is a step for you to begin a new life, where you will leave all the bad things in you which is marked by the shaving off the first grown hairs.

On this auspicious day, your parents is showering upon you with best wishes. May you grow up to be the warmest and the brightest son, the kindest, the most generous, the most joyous and successful one with all your wishes come true to you from time to time with your hard work and sincerity.

Prosperity will be yours in every thing you do. Be the child whom everyone loves and cares. Be the companion of what is good. May the mysterious force guides you to the best way for yourself.

We pray to the Almighty God for your good health and to enable us to be the best parents that you ever deserve and wish for.

May God bless you always!

IN THE FRAME : Trijesh Laishram (Diamond)

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