Chak Umba(weaning) ceremony for Master Yai Haobijam

Ceremony held at Langjing achouba on 13 July 2020


Name- Yai Haobijam
Father - Haobijam Rosho Meitei
Mother- Chungkham Bidyarani Devi


Chak umba (weaning ceremony):

Weaning ceremony is mostly held at 6 month of an infant .It is the accusation to foods other than its mother milk. Weaning is mainly done to get extra nutrients as the baby body requires extra energy.

“My son, you are my heart. I love the little boy you are now and the man you will become. You are the strongest, kindest boy (baby) I know. Son your laugh and cry is the most beautiful sounds I have heard till today. The day when you arrived to the new world n cry , mama have forgotten all the pain of nine months ,Papa and mama is ready to carry for 3 years in our arm and forever in our heart untill we die.

My son, I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully.

Listen to your heart and take risks carefully

Remember how much you are love by us. We are so blessed to have son.

Papa and Mama love you so much from the core of our heart.”

Much love from:
Father – Haobijam Rosho Meitei
Mother- Chungkham Bidyarani Devi

IN THE FRAME : Master Yai Haobijam

2 thoughts on “Chak Umba(weaning) ceremony for Master Yai Haobijam

  1. Bidyarani says:

    Thanks GERA for the dress (pheijom and pumjat) which u have designed for Yai Haobijam. I really thank all ur company for ur hard work which I really liked it.

    1. GERA says:

      We hope this memories be read by your loves ones when they grew someday !!
      Your parents are always special to you …. our dear beloved Yai

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